Ladies-only Drive Days and Events

Ladies-only Drive Days and Events

You want to trial a super-luxury car but a simple test drive just doesn’t cut it, right?

Or perhaps you want to know how it feels to be behind the wheel of a race-ready performance vehicle going flat-out on a track that’s free of radar-armed police and speed cameras.

Madam Wheels is thrilled to introduce its Ladies-Only Drive and Track-Day Experiences, exclusive two-day pleasure trips designed for women who have the need for speed and love high-end cars.

The inaugural Madam Wheels Drive Experience will be a girls-only adventure steering Ferraris through spectacular national parks and the hinterlands out of Byron Bay. Included in the mix will be a decadent blend of champagne sunsets, one-hatted dining and luxurious beach-side accomodation.

So, not only will you get to drive some of the most current and finest luxury cars on the road today, you’ll also be in the company of like-minded ladies sharing an exciting, addictive and utterly unforgettable experience. The inaugural event will be held this October and places will be limited.

There’s little doubt that the Madam Wheels Drive and Track-Day Experiences are the ultimate girlfriend getaway. They’re also the perfect solution for:

- companies looking for creative ways to get their female executive teams together

- businesses searching for novel gifts / gestures for their high-net-worth clients as a way to maintain contact between meetings

- CEOs who’d like to give a memorable “thanks” to their hard-working personal assistants

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